Alice (1988)

Switzerland, UK. Germany,
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.37:1
mono, Czech
Reviewed at The

A Swiss/British/German fantasy film mixing live-action and stop-motion animation directed by Jan Svankmajer.

Plot Summary

Alice falls asleep and finds herself in a an almost post-apocalyptic landscape, a single ramshackle room sitting in a seemingly featureless wasteland. A stuffed white rabbit comes to life, tearing itself painfully off the bails that hold it in place and, spewing sawdust from a gash in its stomach, flees to a desk sitting incongruously in the wastes and disappears into a drawer. The curious and fearless Alice follows, finding herself in Wonderland, a series of connected rooms, a dank, miserable subterranean nightmare full of food laced with potentially lethal sharp objects, bizarre, partly mechanical creatures that are constantly harassing Alice and everyday objects that turn into traps for unwary children.



Directed: Jan Svankmajer
© 1988 Condor Features
reVision in association with Espace Vidéo Européen present a film by Jan Svankmajer. A Condor Features production in association with Film Four International and Hessischer Rundfunk
Executive Producers: Keith Griffiths, Michael Havas
Producer: Peter-Christian Fueter
Associate Producers: Hannes Bressler, Paul Madden
Scripted: Jan Svankmajer
Inspired by Lewis Carroll's
Director of Photography: Svatopluk Malý
Editor: Marie Zemanová
Sound: Ivo Spalj, Robert Jansa
Animation: Bedrich Glaser
Designed: Jan Svankmajer

Kristýna Kohoutová (Alice)
Camilla Power (spoken by [English language version])

Alternative Titles

Alisa – Serbian title
Coś z Alicji – Polish title
Liisa ihmemaassa – Finnish title
Něko z alenky – Czech title
Nieco z Alenky – Slovak title
Qualcosa di Alice – Italian title
A Viagem de Alice – Brazilian title
Αλίκη – Greek title
Алиса – Russian title
Сон Алёнки – Russian title
アリス – Japanese title


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