Abar (1977)

35mm, colour
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American science fiction film directed by Frank Packard. It was promoted as the first black science fiction film.

Plot Summary

When his family move to a wealthy white suburb, black scientist Dr Kinkade is subject to violent racism. After his son is murdered, he persuades local black activist Abar to take a serum he's developed, one which will make him invulnerable and give him tremendous psychic powers. Abar sets out to clean up the violently prejudiced neighbourhood with his own brand of vigilante justice.


Directed by: Frank Packard
© [not given on screen]
Jos-To Productions presents
Executive Producer: James Smalley
Produced by: J.P. Joshua
Original Story and Screenplay by: James Smalley
Scenario by: J. Walter Smith
Director of Photography: Ron Garcia
Edited by: Jack Tucker
Sound Mixer: James Mathew
Wardrobe: Mae Lum
Make-up: Doni Morse
Special Effects: Harry Woolman

J. Walter Smith as Dr Kinkade
Tobar Mayo as Abar
Roxie Young as Mrs Kincade
Gladys Lum (Debbie Kincade)
Tony Rumford (Tommie Kincade)
Rubert Williams (Jim Kincade)
Lonnie James (Susan Kincade)
Art Jackson (Dudley)
Allen Ogle (Peabody)
Joe Alberti (Hunt)
Dee Tirguand (Mabel)
Nelson Meeker (Mayor)
William Carrom Jr (Maroo)
James Dickson, Chuck Cumminsky, Lee Dodson, Frank Doubleday (toughs)
Richard Corrigan, Syd Marks, Manuel Angeli (councilmen)
Fred Scott (voice on computer)
Ed Cross (Mayor's aide)
April London (Blanche)
Cal Williams (Snake)
Keith Gill (Egg Head)

Alternative Titles

Abar the First Black Superman
In Your Face