12:01 PM (1990)

UK, 1990
35mm film, colour

An American short science fiction film directed by Jonathan Heap. In was remade as a feature film in 1993.

Plot Summary

A man finds himself living the same 59 minutes over and over again.


Directed by: Jonathan Heap
Chanticleer Films
Executive Producers: Jana Sue Memel, Hillary Anne Ripps, Jonathan Sanger
Produced by: Teresa E. Kounin
Associate Producer: Conrad L. Ricketts
Written by: Stephen Tolkin, Jonathan Heap
Based on the Short Story by: Richard A. Lupoff
Director of Photography: Charlie Lieberman
Editor: Hubert de La Bouillerie
Music by: Stephen Melillo
Production Designer: Alex Hajdu
Location Sound Mixer: Giovanni Di Simone
Costume Designer: Susan Camusi
Makeup/Hair Stylists: Trish Sherburne-Steele, Merilisa Thomas
Special Effects Producer: Rocco Damiano
Special Effects Designer: Brett Cook
Special Effects Photography: Bill Coffin

Jane Alden (Stephanie)
Don Amendolia (Professor Nathan Rosenbluth)
John Bachelder (Blazer Driver)
Laura Harrington (Dolores Park)
Philip Morton (walking man #1)
Mark Neely (bum)
Tom Reed (walking man #2)
Kurtwood Smith (Myron Castleman)
Bill Squier (man in hat)
Rick Stoneback (man on bench)
Robert M. Taub (junior executive #1)
F. Richards Ford [real name: Rick Ford] (junior executive #2)
Kirk Thatcher (newstand man)
Carol Zarlengo [real name: Caroline Sposto] (newstand woman)

Alternative Titles

12:01 дня – Russian title

12:01 (1993)

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