Zombie Island Massacre (1984)

USA, 1984
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by John N. Carter.

Plot Summary

A group of American tourists in the Caribbean visit an island one night to watch a local voodoo ritual. But they end up stranded on the island with a pack of hungry zombies on the loose.


Directed by: John N. Carter
© MCMLXXXIII [1983] Picnic Productions Ltd
David Broadnax Michael Malagiero and Umberto DiLeo present
Executive Producers: Michael Malagiero and Abraham Dabdoub
Produced by: David Broadnax
Screenplay by: Logan O’Neill and William Stoddard
Original Story by: David Broadnax and Logan O’Neill
Director of Photography: Robert M. Baldwin
Edited by: John N. Carter
Music Composed and Conducted by: Harry Manfredini
Sound Mixer: Rolf Pardula
Costume Designers: Unique Fashions, Mr T
Makeup: Deborah Tischler
Hair Stylist: Ted Borrell
Special Effects Makeup Created by: Dennis Eger
Mask by: Rodney Gordon
Special Effects by: Steven Kirshoff
Art Director: Srecko Gall

David Broadnax (Paul)
Rita Jenrette (Sandy)
Tom Cantrell (Steve)
Diane Clayre Holub (Connie)
George Peters (Whitney)
Ian McMillan (Joe)
Dennis Stephenson (tour guide)
Debbie Ewing (Helen)
Kristina Wetzel (Barbie)
Harriet Rawlings (Ethel)
Christopher Ferris (Matt)
Ralph Monaco (Jerry)
Deborah Jason (Donna)
Tom Fitzsimmons (Ed)
Bruce Sterman (Hogan)
Luba Pinus (Simmons)
Emmett Murphy (George)
Trevor Reid (voodoo priest)
Mignon Lowe (voodoo priestess)
Oscar Lawson (creature)



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