Zombie Brigade (1986)

Australia, UK, 1986
35mm film, colour

An Australian/British horror film directed by Carmelo Musca and Barrie Pattison.


Directors: Carmelo Musca, Barrie Pattison
CM Productions, Seaflower Holdings Pty Ltd, Smart Egg Productions
Executive Producer: Les Lithgow
Producers: Carmelo Musca, Barrie Pattison
Script: Carmelo Musca, Barrie Pattison
Director of Photography: Alex McPhee
Music: John Charles, Todd Hunter
Special Effects: Liddy Reynolds
Production Designer: Julieanne Mills

John Moore (Jimmy)
Khym Lam (Yoshie)
Geoff Gibbs (Mayor Ransom)
Adam A. Wong (Kinoshita)
David Cotgreave (vampire)
Lucien Bunchiou (town citizen)
Dawn Marie Carter (Nora)
Robert Faggetter (Wild)
Ali Roberts (Minister's daughter)
Maggie Wilde West (Madam Rita)
Leslie Wright (Constable Bill Jackson)
Ian Paul Cassidy, Graham Heritage, Brad Williamson ()

Alternative Titles

Brigade des Schreckens – West German title
Night Crawl
Zombie commando – French video title


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