Zipperface (1991)

USA, 1991
stereo, English

An American slasher film directed by Mansour Pourmand.

Plot Summary

A zipper mask-faced serial killer is murdering prostitutes and a newly promoted female police detective decides to go undercover to see if she can flush him out.


Directed by: Mansour Pourmand
© Copyright 1991, Shiman Productions, Inc.
Shiman Productions presents
Produced by: Mansour Pourmand
Line Producer: Vernon P. Becker
Associate Producer: David Clover
Screenplay by: Barbara Bishop
Additional Material: Mark Troy
Original Story by: Mansour Pourmand
Developed by: Ralph Lucas
Director of Photography: F. Smith Martin
Edited by: John Dagnen
Music by: Jim Halfpenny
Sound Mixer: Pat Toma
Costume Designer: Miye Matsumoto
Key Makeup Artist: Lisa Buono
Key SPFX Makeup: Randy S. Westgate
Special Effects: Wayne Beauchamp
Production Designer: Brian McCabe

Donna Adams (Lisa Ryder)
Jonathan Mandell (Michael Walker)
David Clover (Harry Shine)
Trisha Melynkov (Mayor Angela Harris)
Richard Vidan (Willy Scalia)
Harold Cannon (Chief Wexford)
Bruce Brown (Brewster Harris)
Rikki Brando (Sherry)
Timothy D. Lechner (Devon McClain)
Jillian Ross (Natalie)
Kimberly Hamilton-Mansfield (Janet)
Laureen E. Clair (Elizabeth)
Mike Ferraro (Alvin Russo)
Denise Ezell (Lana Baker)
Christopher Dakin (Reverend Dimsdale)
Marilyn Adams (hotel manager)
Denise LeRette (female reporter)
Noel Webb (male reporter)
April Taylor (stage manager)
Twila Wolfe (policewoman)
Ron Paul (policeman)
David Pourmand (boy hostage)


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