Zhuo gui da shi (1990)

Hong Kong, 1989
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1

A Hong Kong horror film directed by Norman Law, Siu Ga Wing using the pseudonym Stanley Siu.

Plot Summary

A priest seals a powerful demon in a vase, but many years later, it’s released again in Hong Kong. The demon possess a councilman then goes on the rampage through the city.


Directed by: Norman Law, Stanley Siu [real name: Siu Ga Wing]
© 1990 In-Gear Films Production Co Ltd.
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Executive Producer: Alan Tang [real name: Tang Kwong-Wing]
Producer: Rover Tang [real name: Tang Gwong Chow]
Associate Producer: Stanley Yen
Screenplay: Barry Wong [real name: Wong Ping-Yiu], King Wong [real name: Wong Jing], Jeff Yuen [real name: Yuen Gai Chi]
Photography: Charlie Lau [real name: Lau Moon Wing], Peter Ngau [real name: Ngor Chi-Kwan, Fai Lin [real name: Lam Fai Taai]
Editing: Poon Hung
Music Score: The Melody Bank
Costume: Elisa Man
Production Designer: Angel Lai
Locations: Hong Kong, China
Action Directors: Wai Tung, Billy Kong [real name: Benz Kong To-Hoi]

Nick Chan [real name: Kent Cheng] (Master Cheung 11)
Simon Cheng [real name: Pak-cheung Chan] (Master Lum)
Stanley Fung [real name: Shui-Fan Fung] (Councillor Stephen Kai)
Jacky Cheung (Tian Yao)
May Law (council spokeswoman)
Vivian Leung
Manny Tse
Man Chun
Mimi Ching
Dick Wai
Brat Chung
Rick Wong
Kai Yip

Alternative Titles

Chuk Gwai Daai Bye – Cantonese title
Ninja Vampire Busters – alternative English language title
Vampire Buster – English language title


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