Zhui ri (1991)

Hong Kong, 1991
35mm film, colour
stereo, Cantonese

A Hong Kong fantasy film directed by Lau Hung Chuen.

Plot Summary

The warrior Ga Yat Lung falls in love with Mung Suet on the very day that she is to be sacrificed to the Ghost King, who demands appeasement, or he will destroy the entire village. Unwilling to let his new-found love be killed, he enlists the help of Ching, a Fox Demon, to save Mung Suet and the rest of the village.


Director: Lau Hung Chuen
Maan Lee Din Ying Yau Haan Gung Shut
Producer: Lo Wei
Script: Joyce Mak Shun Ling
Directors of Photography: Lau Hung Chuen, Cheung Dik Kei, Louis Yuen Wai Gwok
Editor: Poon Hung
Music: Richard Lo, Lo Gwok Jim
Action Directors: Lam Moon Wa, Phillip Kwok

Joey Wong (Ku Moon-Cher)
Jacky Cheung (Ga Yat Lung)
Sharla Cheung Man
Lau Shun (Yat Lung’s Master)
Wu Ma (Master of Old Sword Mansion)
Man Cheung (Ching)

Alternative Titles

A Chinese Legend
Chui Yat – Hong Kong (Cantonese)
Moon Legend



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