Zhuang dao zheng (1980)

Hong Kong, 1980
35mm film, colour
mono, Cantonese

A Hong Kong comic fantasy film directed by Ann Hui.

Plot Summary

A rich man's plans to marry his nephew off to the star of a Cantonese company he's employed goes horribly wrong when a female ghost, Catshit, turns up. She brings with her a host of other spooks who are looking for vengeance – but who on?


Director: Ann Hui
Hi-Pitch Productions
Producers: Tina Lau, Josephine Siao
Script: Joyce Chan
Director of Photography: Tony Hope
Editor: Yee Shun Wong
Music: Melody Bank, Boon-Kei Tang
Sound: Kwok-Wah Ng
Martial Arts Director: Ching Siu-Tung

Kenny Bee (Dick)
Meng-Har Cheng
Kam Cheung
Chung Kwan
Kexuan Liu
Tina Lau
Josephine Siao (Ah Gee)

Alternative Titles

The Spooky Bunch
Xiaojie zhuang dao gui