Zeppo: Sinners from Beyond the Moon! (2007)

USA, 2007
digital video, colour

An American comedy science fiction film directed by Jerry Williams.

Plot Summary

Empress Molly sends her topless female to conquer the Earth but didn't bank on scientist and newly elected President Lloyd Kaufman…


Directed by: Jerry Williams
Produced by: Eric Butts
Co-producers: Casey Miracle, Pat Bowling, Stacey T. Gillespie
Written by: Jerry Williams
Edited by: Eric Butts
Music: Eric Butts
Location Sound: Eric Butts
Special FX Make-up: Julia Darlington Cuadill, Milly Hacker
3D Modeling, 3D Animation: Pat Bowling
Set Design: Jerry Williams

Debbie Rochon (Empress Molly)
Lloyd Kaufman (President Kaufman)
Himself (Conrad Brooks)
William S. Tolliver (Benito Spangler)
Terria Monay (Holly)
Leslie Rogers (voice of Holly)
Elysse (Sage)
Karen Boles (voice of Sage)
Daniel Roberts (Crackenpot)
Todd Burrows (Tippy)
Patsy Butts (voice of Tippy)
Kristina Johnson (Melvina the intern)
Eric Butts (voice of Melvina the intern)
Stephani Heise (The Dark Queen)
Lucy Ochoa Lucero, Evelyn (voice of The Dark Queen)
Eric Butts (Yanov)
Jessica Miracle (Candy)
Stacey T. Gillespie (Adam Jacobs)
Casey Miracle (Olie McNeil)
Eric Butts (Pat Bowling)