Zelig (1983)

USA, 1983
79m, 7095 feet
35mm film, colour, black and white, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Woody Allen.

Plot Summary

A spoof documentary about the enigmatic Leonard Zelig, a man so devoid of personality that he has a chameleon-like ability to blend in with the people he meets.


Directed by: Woody Allen
© 1983. Orion Pictures Company
Orion Pictures and Warner Bros. present a Jack Rollins and Charles H. Joffe production
Executive Producer: Charles H. Joffe
Produced by: Robert Greenhut
Associate Producer: Michael Peyser
Written by: Woody Allen
Director of Photography: Gordon Willis
Editor: Susan E. Morse
Music Composed and Adapted by: Dick Hyman
Production Sound Mixer: James Sabat
Costume Designer: Santo Loquasto
Make-up Design: Fern Buchner
Hair Design: Romaine Greene
Special Make-up: John Caglione
Optical Effects: Joel Hyneck, Stuart Robinson, R/Greenberg Associates
Rear Process Photography: Bill Hansard
Production Designer: Mel Bourne

Woody Allen (Leonard Zelig)
Mia Farrow (Dr Eudora Fletcher)
Garrett Brown (actor Zelig)
Stephanie Farrow (Sister Meryl Fletcher)
Will Holt (rally chancellor)
Sol Lomita (Martin Geist)
John Rothman (Paul Deghuee)
Deborah Rush (Lita Fox)
Marianne Tatum (actress Fletcher)
Mary Louise Wilson (Ruth Zelig)
John Buckwalter (Dr Sindell)
Marvin Chatinover (glandular diagnosis doctor)
Stanley Swerdlow (Mexican food doctor)
Paul Nevens (Dr Birsky)
Howard Erskine (hypodermic doctor)
George Hamlin (experimental drugs doctor)
Ralph Bell, Richard Whiting, Will Hussong (other doctors)
Robert Iglesia (man in barber chair)

Alternative Titles

The Cat’s Pyjamas – working title
The Chameleon Man – working title
The Changing Man – working title
Identity Crisis and Its Relationship to Personality Disorder – working title
Зелiг – Ukrainian title
Зелиг – Bulgarian, Soviet Russian title


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