Zeder (1983)

Italy, 1983
89m (USA), 100m (Italy)
35mm film, “colour by Technicolor”, “filmed in Technovision”
Original Release Date: 10 August 1983 [Italy]

An Italian horror film directed by Pupi Avati.

Plot Summary

A young journalist buys a second hand typewriter and finds that he can read the imprints on the ribbon, revealing what was last typed on the machine. He pieces together the story of the scientist Paolo Zeder, who discovered K-Zones, areas in which the dead are restored to life. Stefano later encounters a group of scientists who are trying to prove Zeder’s theories.


A film by: Pupi Avati
© [not given on screen]
Produced by: Gianni Minervini and Antonio Avati for A.M.A. Film
With the collaboration of: Enea Ferrario and RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana
Script: Pupi Avati, Maurizio Costanzo, Antonio Avati
Story: Pupi Avati
Director of Photography: Franco Delli Colli
Editor: Amedeo Salfa
Music Composed and Director: Riz Ortolani
Sound: Raffaele De Luca
Costumes: Steno Tonelli
Make-up: Alfonso Cioffi
Art Directors: Giancarlo Basili and Leonardo Scarpa

Gabriele Lavia (Stefano)
Anne Canovas (Alessandra)
Paola Tanziani (Ms Goodman)
Cesare Barbetti
Bob Tonelli (Mr Big)
Ferdinando Orlandi
Enea Ferrario
John Stacy
Alessandro Partexano
Marcello Tusco
Aldo Sassi
Veronica Moriconi
Enrico Ardizzone
Maria Teresa Toffano
Andrea Montuschi
Adolfo Belletti
Paolo Bacchi
Giuseppina Borione
Imelde Marani
Gianluigi Gaspari

Revenge of the Dead – US title
Voices from Darkness
Zeder: voci dal buio
Zeder – Voices from Darkness
Zeder – Voices from the Beyond
Zeder – Voices in the Darkness



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