Zazie dans le métro (1960)

France, 1960
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1

A French fantasy film directed by Louis Malle.

Plot Summary

10-year-old Zazie is visiting her Uncle Gabriel in Paris while her mother spends time with her lover. Zazie runs away to explore the city on her own at the height of a strike on the Métro.


Director: Louis Malle
Nouvelles Editions de Films
Producer: Louis Malle
Script: Louis Malle, Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Director of Photography: Henri Raichi
Editor: Kenout Peltier
Music: Fiorenzo Carpi
Special Effects: Locafilms
Opticals: Lax
Art Director: Bernard Evein

Catherine Demongeot
Philippe Noiret
Aubert Deschamps
Antoine Roblot
Anne Fratellini
Carla Marlier
Vittorio Caprioli

Alternative Titles

Zazie in the Metro – English language title


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