Zardoz (1973)

USA, Ireland,
35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1
stereo, English

An American/Irish science fiction film directed by John Boorman.

Plot Summary

The distant future: while the savage Brutals rule the wastelands, worshipping the flying stone head Zardoz, the Eternals, a ruling elite, live in a pastoral enclave. But their idyll is ruined by a plague that is decimating their numbers, leaving the Eternals lethargic and virtually catatonic. One of the Brutals, the Exterminator Zed, infiltrates the Eternal enclave and, in an abandoned library, discovers the truth behind Zardoz and threatens to disrupt the balance of power…


Directed by: John Boorman (A film by John Boorman)
© MCMLXXIII [1973] Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
John Boorman Productions [uncredited]
Released by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Produced by: John Boorman
Associate Producer: Charles Orme
Written by: John Boorman
Photographed by: Geoffrey Unsworth
Editor: John Merritt
Music by: David Munrow
Sound Mixer: Liam Saurin
Costumes by: Christel Kruse Boorman
Make-up: Basil Newall
Hair Stylist: Colin Jamison
Special Effects: Gerry Johnson
Process Projection Effects: Charles Staffell
Production Designer: Anthony Pratt
Locations: The Wicklow Mountains, Ireland
Studio: Filmed at Ardmore Studios, Ireland

Sean Connery (Zed)
Charlotte Rampling [Consuella]
Sara Kestelman [May]
John Alderton [Friend]
Sally Anne Newton (Avalow)
Niall Buggy (Arthur Frayn/Zardoz)
Bosco Hogan (George Saden)
Jessica Swift (Apathetic)
Bairbre Dowling (Star)
Christopher Casson (old scientist)
Reginald Jarman (Death)

Alternative Titles

Tas tanri Zardoz – Turkish title



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