Zaat (1972)

USA, 1972
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Don Barton.

Plot Summary

An insane marine biologists transforms himself into an amphibious sea creature, hoping that he will become the first of a whole new species.


Directed by: Don Barton
© MCMLXXII [1972] by Barton Film Company
Richlander presents. Produced by Barton Film Company, Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A.
Produced by: Don Barton
Associate Producers: Robert M. Smith Jr, Dick Stratton
Screenplay by: Don Barton
From an Original Story by: Ron Kivett and Lee O. Larew
Director of Photography: Jack McGowan
Editor: George Yarbrough
Original Music: Jamie DeFrates & Barry Hodgin
Sound Recordist-Mixer: George Yarbrough
Make-up: Lee James O’Donnell
Monster Costume: Ron Kivett, Martha Fillyaw, Les Lancaster
Filmed on location in Florida at Marineland of Florida; Rainbow Springs; Green Cove Springs; Silver Springs; Switzerland

Marshall Grauer (Dr [Kurt] Leopold)
Wade Popwell (the monster)
Paul Galloway (Sheriff [Lou] Krantz)
Gerald Cruse (marine biologist [Rex])
Sanna Ringhaver (INPIT Agent [Martha] Walsh)
Dave Dickerson (INPIT Agent [Walker] Stevens)
Archie Valliere (deputy sheriff)
Nancy Lien (girl camper)
Russell Holcomb
Gloria Brady
Del Galloway
Hal Nearhoof
Jim Merrill (boy on porch)
Elizabeth Barton (girl on porch)
Bob Knowles
Carol Thompson
Jack Weatherford
Doug Thomas (reporter)

Alternative Titles

Attack of the Swamp Creatures – USA (video)
Blood Waters of Dr. Z – USA (alternative title)
Dr. Z – USA (alternative title)
Hydra – Canada (video)
Legend of the Zaat Monster – USA (alternative)

Extracts Included In
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Blood Waters of Dr. Z (1999)



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