Your Favorite Story (1953-1954)

1 season, 69 episodes, average 30m each
black and white, 4:3
mono, English

An American drama anthology television series with some genre episodes.


An anthology of adaptations of well-known stories.


Regular Crew
Ziv Television Programs, Inc.
Produced by: Frederic A. Ziv

Regular Cast
Adolphe Menjou (host)


Genre episodes are listed in bold. Other episodes are listed for reference purposes only.

Season One
How Much Land Does a Man Need?
The Magician
The Gold Bug
Strange Journey
Phantom Rickshaw
An Eye for an Eye
The Crime of Sylvester Bonnard
Work of Art
The Gambler
The Strange Mr. Bartleby
The Prison With the Open Door
The Copper Penny
Jack of Hearts
The Canterville Ghost
Born Unto Trouble
The World Beyond
Turtle Island
Mr. Double
Colonel Chabert
The Man Who Sold His Shadow
Martyr of Science
The Story of Two Lives
The Adoption
The Diamond Lens
The Postmistress

Season Two
High Seas
The Lost Duchess
God Sees the Truth
A Tale of Negative Gravity
Face of Paris
The Robbers
Dr. Morley’s Daughter
The Morning Finger
City Hunter
The Reporter Who Made Himself King
Sword of Vagabond
Transferred Ghost
Dividing Line
Strange Valley
Live Forever
It Couldn’t Happen
Man Trap
Storm Center
The Magic Egg
Out of Darkness
Inside-Out: The Story of Bunder-Runder the Jailbird
Lost Message
The Empty Holster
Sudden Impulse
Brave Eyes
The Crime
Twenty-One Days
The Unknown
Colonel Esteban’s Jewel
Vacant Room
The Bedford House Conspiracy
Thicker than Water
Magic Fog

Alternative Titles

Favorite Story
My Favorite Story