Yosaeg-yuhui (1985)

South Korea, 1985
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, Korean

A South Korean horror film directed by Kang Dae-Seon.

Plot Summary

A graveyard is discovered beneath a construction site where a luxury villa is being built. The workers start to die, killed by vengeful ghosts out to protect their last resting places. The American owners of the now-completed and haunted villa call in a monk to help them exorcise the spirits.


Director: Kang Dae-Seon
Sam Young Films Co Ltd
Producer: Kang Dae-Jin
Film Development by: Se Bang
Script: Yang Jae-Wun
Director of Photography: Jeong Mun-Seon
Editor: Kim Hyeon
Music: Lee Cheol-Hyeok
Sound Recordist: Han Yang

Han Hee
Do Ji-Hong
Kim Jin-Hee

Alternative Titles

Ghosts of the Villa