Yin ji (1982)

Hong Kong,
35mm film, colour, 2.35:1
mono, Cantonese

A Hong Kong horror film directed by Lee Chiu.

Plot Summary

When the gates of Hell are opened, Chun Sing is visited by the ghost of his dead father who orders him to track down and take revenge on the evil priest that murdered him.


Directed by: Lee Chiu [real name: Chiu Lee]
The Eternal Film (HK) Co., Ltd © 1984 [re-copyrighted]
Executive Producers:
Producer: Pal Ming [real name: Ming Pao]
Screenplayed [sic] by: Lo Fung [real name: Fung Lu]
Photographer: Cheung Tak Wai
Edited by: Poon Hung Yiu [real name: Hung Poon]
Music by: Shing Wai Ip, So Chun Hau
Kung Fu Instructor [sic]: Chui Jong Shinn, Sung Kam Shing

Billy Chong
Law Lit
Sung Kam Shing
Hui Piu Wan
Chui Jong Shinn
Lai Kim Hung
Fong Min [real name: Mien Fang]
Ku Kwan
Ma Yan Sang
Cheung Chung Kwai
Lau Shan
Au Yeung Sha Fei

Alternative Titles

Kung Fu from Beyond the Grave


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