Yeonggu-wa Ttaengchil-i tan – Hongkong halmaegwisin (1991)

South Korea, 1991
35mm film, colour

A South Korean fantasy film directed by Nam Ki-Nam.

Plot Summary

Banished from heaven, a fox and a raccoon are sent to a remote village where one of them must die before the other can return. They battle all night before the raccoon is wounded and transforms into a beautiful woman, collapsing in from of Young-Ku who falls in love with her. The fox, meanwhile, has transformed into “Hong Kong Grandma Ghost” who lives on the blood of children and livers plundered from of dead bodies. Young-Ku and the raccoon must find a way to stop the fox and allow the raccoon to return to heaven.


Director: Nam Ki-Nam
Dae Won Animation Co Ltd
Producer: Ahn Hyeon-Dong
Film Development By: Se Bang
Script: Jang Deok-Kyun
Director of Photography: Kim An-Hong
Editor: Hyeon Dong-Chun
Music: Lee Jong-Shik
Sound Recordist: Motion Picture Promotion Corporation

Shim Hyeong-Rae
Kim Ji-Seon