Yeogo goedam (1998)

South Korea, 1998
35mm film, colour

A South Korean horror film directed by Park Ki-Hyeong.

Plot Summary

Strange things are afoot in a seemingly ordinary school. Puddles of water appear, a mysterious woman stalks the corridors and a teacher is found hanged from a tree. A new teacher bullies his pupils so badly that one of them kills himself and the answerphone of the hanged teacher keeps replaying a cryptic message: “Jin-Joo is here. She has been coming to school.”


Director: Park Ki-Hyeong
Cine 2000
Producers: Lee Chun-Yeon, Oh Ki-Min
Production Director: Lee Chun Young
Script: In Jeong-Ok, Park Ki-Hyeong
Director of Photography: Seo Jeong-Min
Editor: Ham Seong-Won
Music: Moon Seung-Hyeon, Park Jeong-Ho
Lead Sound: Kang Dae-Song
Costumes: Lee Jin-Hee
Make-up: Park Seon-Ji
Special Effects: Jeong Do-An
Visual Effects: Mediart
Art Director: Kang Chang-Kil

Lee Mi-Yeon
Kim Kyu-Ri
Choi Se-Yeon
Park Jin-Hee
Yoon Ji-Hye
Park Yong-Su
Lee Yong-Nyeo
Kim Yu-Seok
Yoo Yeun-Soo

Alternative Titles

Whispering Corridors – UK title

Yeogo goedam dubeonjjae i-yagi (1999)
Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan (2003)
Yeogo goedam 4: Moksori (2005)
Yeogo goedam 5: Dong-ban-ja-sal (2009)

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