Yellowbeard (1983)

35mm film, colour
stereo, English

An American/British comedy film with some fantasy elements directed by Mel Damski.

Plot Summary

After twenty years in prison, the pirate Yellowbeard escapes to embark on a strange adventure to find the treasure he buried many years before.


Directed by: Mel Damski
© MCMLXXXIII [1983] Orion Pictures Corporation
John Daly and Carter De Haven present a Seagoat production. A film from Hemdale. An Orion Pictures release
Executive Producer: John Daly
Produced by: Carter De Haven
Screenplay by: Graham Chapman, Peter Cook, Bernard McKenna
Director of Photography: Gerry Fisher
Film Editor: William Reynolds
Music by: John Morris
Sound Mixer (English Crew): Brian Simmons
Sound Mixer (Mexican crew): Manuel Topete
Costume Designer: T. Stephen Miles
Chief Make-up Artist (English Crew): Neville Smallwood
Make-up (Mexican Crew): Lilia Palomino
Chief Hairdresser (English Crew): Ramon Gow
Hairstylist (Mexican Crew): Bertha Chiu
Special Effects (American Crew): Andy Evans
Special Effects (English Crew): Arthur Beavis
Special Effects (Mexican Crew): Raul Falomir
Production Designer: Joseph R. Jennings
Casting by: Michael McLean and Associates, Nancy Foy
Filmed on location in England and Mexico

Graham Chapman (Yellowbeard)
Peter Boyle (Moon)
Cheech Marin (El Segundo)
Tommy Chong (El Nebuloso)
Peter Cook (Lord Lambourn)
Marty Feldman (Gilbert)
Martin Hewitt (Dan)
Michael Hordern (Gilpin)
Eric Idle (Commander Clement)
Madeline Kahn (Betty)
James Mason (Captain Hughes)
John Cleese (Blind Pew)
Kenneth Mars (Mr Crisp and Verdugo)
Spike Milligan (Flunkie)
Stacey Nelkin (Triola)
Nigel Planer (Mansell)
Susannah York (Lady Churchill)
Beryl Reid (Lady Lambourn)
Ferdy Mayne (Mr Beamish)
John Francis (chaplain)

Alternative Titles

To adelfato ton 7 thalasson – Greek title
Barbă galbenă – Romanian title
Barbagialla, il terrore dei sette mari e mezzo – Italian title
Barbarrubia – Argentine title
Barbe d'or et les – French title
Los desmadrados piratas de Barba Amarilla – Spanish title
O Incrível Barba Amarela – Brazilian television title
Kapitän Dotterbart – West German title
Kaptajn Gulskæg – Danish title
Kapteeni Keltaparta – Finnish video title
Kapten Gulskägg, havets fasa – Swedish title
As Loucas Aventuras de Barba Amarela, o Pirata – Portuguese title
Monty Python auf hoher See – West German video title
O Pirata da Barba Amarela – Brazilian title
Rishzard – Iranian title
Sárgaszakáll – Hungarian title
Zlutovous – Czech title
Żółtobrody – Polish title
Zutobradi – Serbian title
Το Αδελφάτο των 7 Θαλασσών – Greek title
Желтая борода – Russian title
Жълтата брада – Bulgarian title
チーチ&チョン/イエローパイレーツ – Japanese title

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Group Madness: The Making of Yellowbeard (1983)


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