Yami no Toei kyuketsuki Dracula (1980)

35mm film, colour
mono, Japanese
Reviewed at The

A Japanese animated horror film directed by Minoru Okazaki. On the English language version the names of the original comic creators are mis-spelt.

Plot Summary

In contemporary Boston, gatecrashes a Satanic ritual and makes off with the intended sacrifice, Delores. Overcome with love for her, he's unable to drink her blood and instead settles down with her and fathers a child, Janus. But Dracula's enemies are massing against him – a team of vampire hunters, including the wheelchair-bound Hans Harker, crossbow wielding Frank Drake and new recruit Frank Drake, a descendant of Dracula, are closing in. and Dracula has been stripped of his vampire powers by Satan and he desperately needs another vampire to restore his powers so that he can both see off his pursuers and avenge the death of Janus at the hands of vengeful .


Director: Minoru Okazaki
Harmony Gold, Toei Animation
Script: Jean Colan 1A mis-spelling of Gene Colan., Tom Palmer, Mary Wolfman 2A mis-spelling of Marv Wolfman.
Based on the Marvel Comic Tomb of Dracula
Music: Seiji Yokoyama
Dracula Theme: Michael Bradley, Stephen Wittmack

Alternative Titles

Tomb of Dracula – UK/US title

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