Yambaó (1957)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono (RCA Sound), Spanish

A Mexican fantasy film directed by Alfredo B. Crevenna.

Plot Summary

In 19th century Cuba, the owners of a sugar-cane plantation are targetted by Yambao, the grand-daughter of a sorceress killed 15 years before, who has returned with the spirit of her dead grandmother looking for revenge.


Directed by: Alfredo B. Crevenna
Production Company: Dominó Films presents
Produced by: Rubén A. Calderón
Associate Producer: Alberto López
Production Manager: Manuel de la Pedroza and Paul Castelain
Story and Screenplay by: Julio Albo and Julio Alejandro
Assistant Director: Mario Llorca
Script Clerk: Icaro Cisneros
Photographed in Eastman Color by: Raúl Martínez Solares
Camera Operators: Cirilo Rodriguez, Julio Chávez, Enrique Bravo Jr.
Still Photography by: Newton Estapé and Rafael Garcia
Film Editor: Gloria Schoemann
Processed at: Consolidated Film Industries, Inc., Hollywood, California, U.S.A.
Ritual Music by: Obdulio Morales
Musical Director: Lan Adomian
Music Recording: Galdino Samperio
Sound Recording Supervisor: James L. Fields
Dialogue Recording: Rodolfo Solis and Manuel Solé
Costumes by: Pepito
Make-up by: Armando Meyer
Hairdresser: Maria de Jesús Lepe
Titles Designed by: Nicolás Rueda Jr.
Art Director: Salvador Lozano
Technical Staff: “Nacional”
Choreography by: Rodney
Studios: Curubusco-Azteca, S.A.
Locations: Cuba

Ninón Sevilla as Yambaó
Ramón Gay [Raymond Guy on English language prints] as Jorge [George on English language prints]
Rosa Elena Durgel [Rosalind Dunhill on English language prints] as Béatriz [Beatrice on English language prints]
Ricardo Román
Luis López Puente
Fedora Capdevila
Celina Reynoso
Olga Guillot
Isolina Herrera

Alternative Titles

Cry of the Bewitched – US title
Yambao, fille de Satan – French title
Young and Evil

Extracts included in
Son of Svengoolie: Cry of the Bewitched (1979)


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