X-15 (1961)

USA, 1961
35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), Technicolor, 2.35:1
Mono, English

An American borderline science fiction film directed by Richard D. Donner.

Plot Summary

The story of the development of the X-15 experimental rocket plane. Included in EOFFTV as a borderline entry because of the climax, which suggests that the ship actually went into space and orbited the Earth – in real life it only ever completed sub-orbital flights.


Director: Richard D. Donner
Copyright Essex Production Inc
Essex Productions
Executive Producer: Howard W. Koch
Producers: Tony Lazzarino, Henry Sanicola, Frank Sinatra (uncredited)
Script: James Warner Bellah, Tony Lazzarino
Story: Tony Lazzarino
Director of Photography: Carl Guthrie
Special Aerial Photography: Jack Freeman
USAF Special Photography: Raymond P. Santini, Robert L. Loahff, Gerald T. Boylan
Editor: Stanley E. Rabjohn
Music: Nathan Scott
Sound: Don Jones
Sound Mixer: Victor Appel
Costumer: Wes Jeffries
Make Up: Bernard Ponedel
Hair: Mary Westmoreland
Special Effects: A. Paul Pollard
Photographic Effects: Howard A. Anderson, The Howard Anderson Company
Art Director: Rolland M. Brooks
Locations: Edwards Air Force Base, Kern County, California, USA

David McLean (Matt Powell)
Charles Bronson (Lieutenant Colonel Lee Brandon)
Ralph Taeger (Major Ernest Wilde)
Brad Dexter (Major Anthony Rinaldi)
Kenneth Tobey (Colonel Craig Brewster)
James Gregory (Tom Deparma)
Mary Tyler Moore (Pamela Stewart)
Patricia Owens (Margaret Brandon)
Lisabeth Hush (Diane Wilde)
Stanley Livingston (Mike Brandon)
Lauren Gilbert (Colonel Jessup)
Phil Dean (Major McCully)
Chuck Stanford (Lieutenant Commander Joe Lacrosse)
Patty McDonald (Susan Brandon)
Ric Applewhite (engineer)
Robert Dornan (test engineer)
Ed Fleming (himself)
Lee Giroux (himself)
Darlene Hendricks (nurse)
Grant Holcomb (himself)

Alternative Titles

Il leggendario X 15 – Italian title
X-15 lähtövalmis – Finnish title
Die X-15 startklar – West German title


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