Wuye xiongjing (1999)

Hong Kong, 1999
35mm film, colour

A Hong Kong horror film directed by Agan.

Plot Summary

When a young man returns to Hong Kong with his girlfriend, they both fall under the spell of an antique mirror at the home of his wealthy widow grandmother. The mirror once belonged to a 16th century courtesan who was murdered by her lover and now her curse has been passed on to the couple…


Director: Agan
Producer: Bak-Ming Wong
Locations: Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; Singapore

John Cheng
Fang Ling Fu
Lan Law (Lan)
Jack Neo
Nicholas Tse (Little Ming)
Bak-Ming Wong (the ghost)
Fan Xu
Sherming Yiu
Ruby Lin

Alternative Titles

Guaitan zhi mojing – Mandarin Hong Kong title
The Mirror