Worlds Beyond: The Black Tomb (1987)

16mm film, colour (“colour by Technicolor”)
mono, English

A British horror television episode directed by John Jacobs.

Plot Summary

An American tourist in England is menaced by a mysterious cloaked figure.


Director: John Jacobs
© George Walker Television Productions Ltd. 1986
George Walker Television Productions in association with PKP presents. A PKP production for George Walker Television Productions
Associate Producer: Mark Cassidy
[Written] By: Marc Alexander
Director of Photography: Ray Orton
Film Editor: Technicolor
Title Music: Ian Stanley
Music by: Darryl Way
Sound Recordist: David Jones
Costumes by: Janice Wild
Make-up: Eddie Knight
Hairdresser: Jeannette Freeman
Production Designer: Keith Wilson
Casting: Marilyn Johnson

Anne Jackson (Marian Derbyshire)
Eli Wallach (Charles Burgess)
Rosalie Crutchley (Mrs Pringle)
John Vine (the vicar)
Derek Benfield (Dr Meredith)
Max Hafler (William)
Brian Hall (policeman)
Emma Watt (girl)


Television Today 3 April 1986 p.16