Womaneater (1957)

35mm film, black and white, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American/British horror film directed by Charles Saunders.

Plot Summary

Mad scientist Dr James Moran returns from an expedition to the Amazon with a carniverous tree, nurturing it in his basement hothouse. The tentacled tree has very particular tastes and will consume only young women, which Moran is happy to supply it in return for the sap it produces which, he believes, will enable him to resurrect the dead.


Directed by: Charles Saunders
© Columbia Pictures Corporation MCMLVII [1957]
A Fortress Film production
Produced by: Guido Coen
Original Story and Screenplay by: Brandon Fleming
Director of Photography: Ernest Palmer
Editor: Seymour Logie
Music Composed & Conducted by: Edwin Astley
Sound: Mickey Jay
Make up Artist: Terry Terrington
Hairdresser: Doris Pollard
Art Director: Herbert Smith
Made at: Twickenham Studios, Twickenham (Middlesex), England

George Coulouris (Doctor [James] Moran)
Vera Day (Sally [Norton])
Peter Wayn (Jack Venner)
Joyce Gregg (Mrs [Margaret] Santor)
Joy Webster (Judy)
Jimmy Vaughn (Tanga)
Robert MacKenzie (Lewis Carling)
Norman Claridge (Doctor Patterson)
Marpessa Dawn (native girl)
Sara Leighton (Susan Curtis)
Edward Higgins (Sergeant Bolton)
Harry Ross (Bristow)
Alexander Field (fair attendant)
David Lawton (man in club)
John Tinn (Lascar)
Maxwell Foster (Inspector Brownlow)
Peter Lewiston (Det. Sergeant Freeman)
Roger Avon (constable)

Alternative Titles

Woman Eater – US title


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