Witchfinder General (1968)

86m, 7830 feet/2387 metres
35mm, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Michael Reeves. It was his last film before his untimely death in 1969.

Plot Summary

While England labours under the civil war between the Royalists and Parliamentarians, the sadistic Matthew Hopkins roams the villages of Anglia is search of supposed witches. He and his sidekick, the equally twisted John Stearne, accused young women for both financial and sexual gain. But when Hopkins turns his attentions to an innocent parish priest and his niece, he comes to the attentions of the girl's fiancé, soldier Richard Marshall, who swears on the self-styled Witchfinder General…


Directed by: Michael Reeves
© Tigon British MCMLVIII [1968]
A Tigon British, American International production
Executive Producer: Tony Tenser
Produced by: Louis M. Heyward, Philip Waddilove, Arnold Miller
Screenplay by: Tom Baker and Michael Reeves
Additional Scenes by: Louis M. Heyward
From the Novel by: Ronald Bassett
Photographed by: John Coquillon
Film Editor: Howard Lanning
Music Composed and Conducted by: Paul Ferris
Sound Mixer: Hugh Strain
Wardrobe: Jill Thomson
Make-Up: Dore Hamilton
Hairdresser: Henry Montsash
Special Effects: Roger Dicken
Art Director: Jim Morahan

Vincent Price (Matthew Hopkins)
Ian Ogilvy (Richard Marshall)
Robert Russell (John Stearne)
Nicky Henson (Swallow)
Hilary Dwyer (Sara)
Tony Selby (Salter)
Michael Beint (Captain Gordon)
Bernard Kay (fisherman)
Beaufoy Milton (priest)
John Treneman (Harcourt)
Bill Maxwell (Gifford)
Peter Thomas (farrier)
Maggie Kimberly (Elizabeth)
Dennis Thorne (villager)
Ann Tirard (old woman)
Gillian Aldham
Hira Talfrey (hanged woman)
Jack Lynn (Brandeston innkeeper)
Michael Segal (villagers)
David Webb (jailer)

Alternative Titles

Den blodiga snaran – Swedish title
The Conqueror Worm – US title
Il grande inquisitore – Italian title
Der Hexenjäger – German title
Noidantappajat – Finnish title
Robak zwyciezca – Polish title
Witchfinder-General – UK video advertising title

Extracts included in
Vincent Price: The Sinister Image (1988)

See also
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Shadows: The Witch's Bottle (1975)
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Production Notes

Censorship history
In the UK, all prints released before 1996 suffered the cuts originally imposed by the British censors. Redemption Video managed to restore the missing footage from various European laserdisc sources and the subsequent Metrodome DVD included footage originally only seen in the stronger European cut of the film.


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Extraordinarily cold and bloody for its time [Witchfinder General] is also a model of historical filmmaking on a limited budget, with a lush musical score, impressive photography and unpretentious production design making this a far more effective portrait of its chaotic and violent times than Ken Hughes' overstuffed Cromwell […] Still not well enough known outside cult circles, this is certainly one for the collection. – from an illustrated review by Kim Newman

Starburst no.209 (January 1996) p.48
“Strictly for schlock aficionados!” – from an illustrated review by Lawrence McIlhoney

Sight & Sound vol.6 no.2 (February 1996) p.62
“Unlike its contemporaries from the Hammer stable, Witchfinder General still has the power to shock with the starkness of its vision of a moment in English history. Like Peeping Tom, which was similarly dismissed as nothing more than naive exploitation at the time of its release, the film's virtues have, in my opinion, become more evident with the passage of time.” – from an illustrated article by Richard Falcon


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