Witchcraft (1964)

35mm film, black and white
mono (RCA Sound Recording), English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British horror film directed by Don Sharp.

Plot Summary

Morgan Whitlock is the head of the Whitlock clan whose ancestor Vanessa was buried alive by the family's rivals, the Laniers, in the 17th century when she was suspected of being a witch. The Whitlocks and the Laniers have been engaged in a bitter feud for centuries but Amy Whitlock and Todd Lanier have fallen in love and want to marry.


Directed by: Don Sharp
© MCMLXIV by Lippert Films Ltd
Produced by: Robert Lippert and Jack Parsons
Written by: Harry Spalding
Director of Photography: Arthur Lavis
Editor: Robert Winter
Music Composed by: Carlo Martelli
Sound Recordist: Buster Ambler
Wardrobe: Jean Fairlie
Make-up: Harold Fletcher
Hairdresser: Joyce James
Art Director: George Provis
Made at: Shepperton Studios, Shepperton, England

Lon Chaney (Morgan Whitlock)
Jack Hedley (Bill Lanier)
Jill Dixon (Tracy Lanier)
Marie Ney (Malvina Lanier)
Viola Keats (Helen Lanier)
Yvette Rees (Vanessa Whitlock)
David Weston (Todd Lanier)
Diane Clare (Amy Whitlock)
Barry Linehan (Myles Forrester)
Victor Brooks (Inspector Baldwin)
Marianne Stone (Forrester's secretary)
John Dunbar (doctor)
Hilda Fennemore (nurse)



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