Witch Wood (1964)

UK, 18 July 1964-8 August 1964
1 series, 4 episodes, average 45m
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British borderline horror television series directed by Michael Leeston-Smith.


Director: Michael Leeston-Smith
BBC Scotland
Producer: Douglas Allen
Script: Donald Wilson
Based on the Novel by: John Buchan
Script Editor: Michael Voysey
Photography: Alex Pearce
Editor: Louis Miller
Music: Thomas Wilson
Conductor: Bernard Keeffe
Designer: Douglas Duncan

Donald Douglas (David Sempill)
Campbell Godley (Daft Gibbie)
Michael Godfrey (Earl of Ormonde)
Donald Pickering (Prince Rupert)
Stephen Macdonald (King Charles I)
Fulton Mackay (Marquis of Montrose)
Isa Teller (Queen Henrietta-Maria)
Isobel Black (Katrine Yester)
Donald Conlon (Earl of Antrim)
Madeleine Christie (Isobel Veitch)
Elaine Wells (Mrs Pierson)
Bill Henderson (Pikeman)
Arthur Boland (Earl of Newcastle)
Tom Watson (Mark Kerr)
James Gibson (Reverend Fordyce)
Alex McCrindle (Reverend Proudfoot)
Moultrie Kelsall (Reverend Muirhead)
Paul Curran (Ephraim Caird)
Hamish Roughead (Amos Ritchie)
Roddy McMillan (Nicholas Hawkshaw)


The Call (18 July 1964)
The Wood at Beltane (25 July 1964)
White Magic (1 August 1964)
The Reckoning (8 August 1964)



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