Whoops Apocalypse (1986)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
stereo, English

A British comedy borderline science fiction film directed by Tom Bussmann.

Plot Summary

A remote British colony in te Caribbean is invaded by its Communist neighbours and newly elected President of the United States Barbara Adams steps in to sort things out. But British Prime Minister Sir Mortimer Chris sends a military task force to take the islands back and General Mosquera hires terrorist Lacrobat to kidnap Princess Wendy in revenge. Sir Mortimer is driven insane and Russia steps in to support the invading country nudging the world ever closer to the brink of


Directed by: Tom Bussmann
© ITC Entertainment Ltd 1986
ITC Entertainment presents a Picture Partnership production. From ITC Entertainment
Produced by: Brian Eastman
Screenplay by: Andrew Marshall, David Renwick
Director of Photography: Ron Robson
Editor: Peter Boyle
Music Composed by: Patrick Gowers
Sound Recordist: Sandy Macrae
Costume Designer: Liz Waller
Make-up Supervisor: Kezia De Winne
Chief Haridresser: Carole Bennett
Special Effects: Peter Hutchinson
Models: Allister Bowtell Ltd
Optical Special Effects: Animation City
Production Designer: Tony Noble
Casting (UK): Mary Selway
Casting (LA): Michael McLean
Casting (Miami): Dee Miller
Filmed on location in England and Florida USA, and at the Elstree Studios, Herts, England of Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment Ltd

Loretta Swit (Barbara Adams (a president))
Peter Cook (Sir Mortimer Chris (a loopy person))
Michael Richards (Lacrobat)
Rik Mayall (specialist catering commander)
Ian Richardson (Rear Admiral Bendish)
Alexei Sayle (Alexei Sayle in a Hawaiian shirt)
Herbert Lom (General Mosquera)
Joanne Pearce (Princess Wendy)
Christopher Malcolm (Gallagher)
Ian McNeice (Thrush)
Daniel Benzali (William Kubert, US Defense Secretary)
Shane Rimmer (Marvin Gelber, US Secretary of State)
Richard Wilson (Nigel Lipman, Foreign Secretary and crucifee)
Richard Pearson (Michael Sumpter, Defence Secretary and crucifee)
Stuart Saunders (Governor of Santa Maya)
Graeme Garden (man who takes a long time to walk to the phone, different man who takes a long time to walk to the phone)
Marc Smith (Dan Hickey (a TV anchorman))
John Benfield, Ben Robertson (secret servicemen)
Alex Davion (Maguadoran general)
Phil Marquis (rock pit guard)
Murray Hamilton (former President Jack ‘Kill the Commies' Preston)

Alternative Titles

Bocsi, világvége – Hungarian title
Die Bombe fliegt – West German title
As Golpadas da Política – Portuguese title
Hoppsan, vem tryckte på knappen? – Swedish title
La loca guerra de la Gran Bretaña – Spanish title
Oh, apokalypsi! – Greek title
Se on menoa nyt – Finnish television title
Se on ydinsota nyt – Finnish title
Una signora chiamata presidente – Italian title
Whoops – Apocalipse Já! – Brazilian title
Zu spät – Die Bombe fliegt – West German title

Remake of
Whoops Apocalypse (1982)

Includes extracts from
King Kong (1933)


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