Who Killed Doc Robbin (1948)

USA, 1948
35mm film, “photographed in Cinecolor”, 1.37:1
mono (Western Electric Sound System), English

An American borderline fantasy film directed by Bernard Carr. No question mark appears in the title.

Plot Summary

Nurse Ann Loring is charged with murder when Dr Hugo Robbin’s laboratory is blown up. A group of children believe her to be innocent but their attempts to free her only result in their friend, repair man Dan, being charged instead. So the gang set out to find the real killer, ending up in a spooky old mansion…


Directed by: Bernard Carr
Copyright MCMXLVIII [1948] by Hal Roach Studios Inc
Hal Roach presents
Executive Producer: Hal Roach Jr
Produced by: Robert F. McGowan
Screen Play: Maurice Geraghty, Dorothy Reid [real name: Dorothy Davenport]
Original Story: Robert F. McGowan
Dialogue Director: John H. Morse
Assistant Director: James Lane
Director of Photography: John W. Boyle
Film Editor: Arthur Seid
Musical Director: Heinz Roemheld
Sound Recording: William Randall
Wardrobe: Harry Black
Makeup Artist: Burris Grimwood
Photographic Effects: Roy W. Seawright
Art Director: Jerome Pycha Jr
Set Decorations: William Stevens

Larry Olsen as [William] Curley [Benson]
Eilene Janssen as Betty
Gerald Perreau as Dudley
Ardda Lynwood as Ardda
Dale Belding as Speck [Jones]
Dis [real name: Renee Beard]
Dat [real name: Donald King]
Virginia Grey (Ann Loring)
Don Castle (George)
George Zucco (Doc Robbin)
Paul Hurst (Jailer)
Whitford Kane (Fix-It Dan Cameron)
Wilton Graff (prosecutor)
Claire Dubrey (housekeeper)
Renee Beard
Donald King
Grant Mitchell [judge – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Curley and His Gang in the Haunted Mansion – US television title
Sinister House – UK title


Reference Guide to Fantastic Films by Walt Lee p.540 – credits