Who? (1974)

35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British science fiction film directed by Jack Gold.


Directed by: Jack Gold
© MCMLXXIV [1974]
A Lion International and Hemisphere Productions film
Produced by: Barry Levinson
Co-producer: Kurt Berthold
Written by: John Gould
Based on the Novel by: Algis Budrys
Director of Photography: Petrus Schloemp [real name: Petrus R. Schlömp.[/mfn]
Editor: Norman Wanstall
Music by: John Cameron
Sound Mixer: Hayo Von Zuendt [real name: Hayo von Zündt.[/mfn]
Special Makeup: Colin Arthur
Special Effects: Richard Richtsfeld
Art Director: Peter Scharff
Filme entirely on location in Germany and Miami, Florida

Elliott Gould (Sean Rogers)
Trevor Howard (Colonel Azarin)
Ed Grover [real name: Edward Grover.[/mfn] (Finchley)
James Noble (General Deptford)
John Lehne (Haller
Kay Tornborg (Edith)
Lyndon Brook (Dr Barrister)
Joy Garrett (Barbara)
Michael Lombard (Dr Besser)
John Stewart (Frank Heywood)
Ivan Desny (General Stürmer)
Alexander Allerson (Dr Kothu)
Joseph Bova (Dr [Lucas] Martino)
Bruce Boa (Miller)
Fred Vincent (Douglas)
Dan Sazarino (Uncle Lucas)
Craig McConnel (Tonino)
Herb Andress, Del Negro, Frank Schuller (FBI agents)

Alternative Titles

El hombre de la máscara de acero – Spain
L.M. O Homem de Metal – Brazil
Lucas Martino, O Homem de Metal – Brazil (television)
The Man with the Steel Mask
Der Mann aus Metall – West Germany
Das Phantom mit der Stahlmaske – West Germany
Prisoner of the Skull – Australia
Robo Man
Spionen utan ansikte – Sweden (video)
Spionen uten ansikt – Norway (video)
Teräsnaamio – Finland
Who? l'uomo dai due volti – Italy
Ο άνθρωπος με την ατσάλινη μάσκα – Greece
Ο κατάσκοπος με την σιδερένια μάσκα – Greece



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