White Zombie (1932)

64m, 66m, 69m, 74m
35mm, black and white
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror film directed by Victor Halperin. It was the first feature length zombie film.

Plot Summary

A young couple, Madeleine and Neil, marry on a Haitian plantation, not realising that the plantation owner, Beaumont, wants Madeleine for himself. Beaumont calls in Murder Legendre who can turn people into using a potion, then controls them puts them to work in his mill using his mind-control powers. Madeleine is turned into a zombie, but Legendre turns on Beaumont, zombifying him to, leaving a heartbroken Neil to seek out a local priest for help in getting Madeleine back.


Directed by: Victor Halperin
© Copyright MCMXXXII
A Halperin production
Produced by: Edward Halperin
Story and Dialogue by: Garnett Weston
Cinematographer: Arthur Martinelli
Editor: Harold McLernon
Title Theme: Guy Bevier Williams [credited as “Art and Technical”]
Sound Engineer: L.E. Clark [credited as “Art and Technical”]
Make Up: Jack Pierce, Carl Axcelle [credited as “Art and Technical”]
Special Effects: Harold Anderson [credited as “Art and Technical”]
Art Director: Ralph Berger [credited as “Art and Technical”]

Bela Lugosi (Murder Legendre)
Madge Bellamy (Madeleine Short Parker)
Joseph Cawthorn (Dr Bruner)
Robert Frazer (Charles Beaumont)
John Harron (Neil Parker)
Brandon Hurst (Silver)
George Burr Macannan (Von Gelder)
Frederick Peters (Chauvin)
Annette Stone (maid)
John Printz (Ledot)
Dan Crimmins (Pierre)
Claude Morgan, John Ferguson (zombies)

See also
Revolt of the Zombies (1936)


Classic Images no.278 (August 1998) pp.39-40
Bela Lugosi fans will enjoy seeing him during a period from the height of his career – just a year after the Dracula role that gave him an immortal place in film history. Madge Bellamy is pleasing in her second talking role. – from a review by Robert Klepper



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