White Pongo (1945)

USA, 1945
10m (condensed version), 71m, 8 reels/2083.3 metres
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono (Western Electric Mirrorphonic), English

An American fantasy film directed by Sam Newfield.

Plot Summary

Undercover cop Geoffrey Bishop joins a safari hoping to expose the guide as a wanted killer. Also on the trip is a scientist who believes that he will be able to find a legendary white gorilla that may prove to be the missing link.


Directed by: Sam Newfield
Copyright MCMXLV [1945] PRC Pictures, Inc.
PRC Pictures presents a PRC picture
Produced by: Sigmund Neufeld
Production Manager: Bert Sternbach
Screenplay and Original Story by: Raymond L. Schrock
Director of Photography: Jack Greenhalgh
Film Editor: Holbrook N. Todd
Musical Director: Leo Erdody
Sound Engineer: John Carter
Costumed by: James H. Wade
Special Effects: Ray Mercer
Art Director: Edward C. Jewell
Set Dresser: Elias H. Reif
Master of Properties: Eugene C. Stone

Richard Fraser (Geoffrey Bishop)
Maris Wrixon (Pamela Bragdon)
Lionel Royce (Peter Van Dorn)
Al Eben (Hans Kroegert)
Gordon Richards (Sir Harry Bragdon)
Michael Dyne (Clive Carswell)
George Lloyd (Baxter)
Larry Steers (Doctor)
Milton Kibbee (Gunderson)
Egon Brecher (Dr Gerig)
Joel Fluellen (Mumbo Jumbo)
Ray Corrigan [White Pongo – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Adventure Unlimited – UK title
La sfida di King Kong – Italian title
Viidakon valkoinen Pongo – Finnish title
Vita gorillan – Swedish title
Der Wei├če Pongo – Austrian title


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