While I Live (1947)

UK, 1947
35mm film, black and white
mono (Western Electric Recording), English

A British fantasy film directed by John Harlow.

Plot Summary

Julia has never recovered from the suicide of her sister Olwen and year on the anniversary of her death, she broadcasts the unfinished poem that Olwen was writing on local radio. Then one year, a young amnesiac woman arrives in town who looks vaguely like Olwen and Julia believes that Olwen has returned from the dead, a believe spurred on by a local psychic.


* = uncredited

Directed by: John Harlow
© [not given on screen]
Edward Dryhurst Productions Limited. An Edward Dryhurst production
Distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Produced by: Edward Dryhurst
Associate Producer: Eric L’Epine-Smith
Production Manager: Dora Wright
Screenplay by: John Harlow
Contributions to Screenplay: Doreen Montgomery
Based on the play “This Game Garden” by: Robert Bell
Assistant Director: Roy Parkinson
2nd Assistant Director: Jack Lambert *
3rd Assistant Directors: Dennis Bertera *, John Hancock *
Continuity: Angela Martelli
Assistant Continuity: Anita Melba *
Director of Photography: F.A. Young [real name: Freddie Young] by arrangement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Camera Operator: Skeets Kelly
2nd Camera Operator: Bunny Francke *
Camera Assistants: Chris Holden *, Stan Evans *
Focus Puller: Chris Doll *
Stills: Dave Bolton *
Supervising Editor: Douglas Robertson
Film Editor: Raymond Poulton
1st Assistant Editor: Ernest Walter *
2nd Assistant Editor: A. Scaping *
Music Composed and Conducted by: Charles Williams
Solo Pianoforte: Betty Humby-Beecham
Recording Director: A.W. Watkins
Sound Recording: Sash Fisher
1st Assistant Dubbing Mixer: Peter T. Davies *
Dubbing Editor: R. Garrick *
Costume Designer: Robert Freemantle
Wardrobe Mistress: Irma Birch *
Director of Make-up: Guy Pearce *
Assistant Make Up: Anne Talmadge *
Hair Stylist: Pat Pearce *
Special Effects: Tom Howard *
Art Director: Bernard Robinson
Associate Art Director: T.R. Seddon
Assistant to the Producer: Roger Good *
Location Manager: Harry Hassell *
Made at the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer British Studios, Boreham Wood, England

Tom Walls (Nehemiah)
Clifford Evans (Peter [Sloan])
Carol Raye (Sally [Grant])
Patricia Burke (Christine [Sloan])
Sonia Dresdel (Julia [Trevelyan])
John Warwick (George [Grant])
Edward Lexy (Selby)
Audrey Fildes (Olwen [Trevelyan])
Charles Victor (Sgt. Pearne)
Enid Hewitt (Ruth)
Ernest Butcher (Ambrose)
Johnnie Schofield (Alfie)
John Martyn (onlooker)
Sally Rogers (Hannah)
Brenda Cameron (Mary)
Diana Lake (Lucy)
Doreen Fischer (Ethel)

Alternative Titles

The Dream of Olwen – re-release title
Mía para siempre – Uruguayan title
Olwenin unelma – Finnish title
While I Love


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