When Knights Were Bold (1929)

UK, 1929
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

A British comedy fantasy film directed by Tim Whelan.

Plot Summary

An heir dreams that he has travelled back in time to mediaeval days.


Directed by: Tim Whelan
Herbert Wilcox Productions for British & Dominions Film Corporation
Produced by: Herbert Wilcox

Nelson Keys (Sir Guy de Vere)
Miriam Seegar (Lady Rowena)
Eric Bransby Williams (Sir Brian Ballymore)
Wellington Briggs (Widdicombe)
Lena Halliday (Lady Walgrave)
Martin Adeson (Barker)
Hal Gordon (Whittle)
Edith Kingdon (Aunt Thornridge)
E.L. Frewyn (Dean)