When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1969)

UK, 1969
35mm, Technicolor, 1.66:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film directed by Val Guest. It was Hammer's third prehistoric fantasy and was based on a treatment written for them by science fiction author J.G. Ballard.

Plot Summary

A huge chunk of space debris breaks away from the Sun and winds up in Earth orbit as . The priests of a prehistoric tribe believe that Sanna is to blame for this cosmic cataclysm and decide to sacrifice her. She flees her people, the priests in hot pursuit, and she teams up with caveman Tara and tames a couple of before a tidal wave, caused by the new gravitational pull exerted by the moon, threatens devastating climate changes…


Directed by: Val Guest
© MCMLXIX [1969] Hammer Film Productions Limited
A Hammer Film production. Distributed by Warner Bros.
Produced by: Aida Young
Written for the Screen by: Val Guest
Treatment by: J.G. Ballard
Director of Photography: Dick Bush
Editor: Peter Curran
Music and Special Music Effects Composed by: Mario Nascimbene
Sound Recordist: Kevin Sutton
Costume Designer: Carl Toms
Make-up Supervisor: Richard Mills
Hairdressing Supervisor: Joyce James
Special Effects: Allan Bryce, Roger Dicken, Brian Johncock
Special Visual Effects by: Jim Danforth
Art Director: John Blezard
Made at Shepperton Studios Limited, Shepperton, Middlesex, England and on location in the Canary Islands

Victoria Vetri (Sanna)
Robin Hawdon (Tara)
Patrick Allen (Kingsor)
Drewe Henley (Khaku)
Sean Caffrey (Kane)
Magda Konopka (Ulido)
Imogen Hassall (Ayak)
Patrick Holt (Ammon)
Jan Rossini (rock girl)
Carol-Anne Hawkins (Yani)
Maria O'Brien (Oman)
Connie Tilton (sand mother)
Maggie Lynton (rock mother)
Jimmy Lodge (fisherman)
Billy Cornelius, Ray Ford (hunters)

Alternative Titles

Akita – solens förbannelse – Sweden
Akita, dinosaurukset tulevat – Finland
Als Dinosaurier die Erde beherrschten – Germany
Cuando los dinosaurios dominaban la Tierra – Spain
Gdy dinozaury wladaly swiatem – Poland
Quando i dinosauri si mordevano la coda – Italy
Quando os Dinossauros Dominavam a Terra – Portugal
Quano les dinosaures dominaient le monde – France

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The Lost World (1960)

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