What Dreams May Come (1998)

USA, 1998
Super 35mm film, colour
Dolby Digital, Digital DTS Sound, SDDS

An American fantasy film directed by Vincent Ward.

Plot Summary

After dying in an accident, Chris Nielsen finds himself in and learns that his wife Annie killed herself in grief and sets out to try to find her in the .


Directed by: Vincent Ward
© 1998 PolyGram Filmed Entertainment. Inc.
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment presents an Interscope Communications production in association with Metafilmics. A film by Vincent Ward
Executive Produced by: Ted Field, Scott Kroopf, Erica Huggins, Ron Bass
Produced by: Stephen Simon, Barnet Bain
Co-produced by: Alan C. Blomquist
Screenplay by: Ron Bass
Based Upon the Novel by: Richard Matheson
Director of Photography: Eduardo Serra
Edited by: David Brenner, Maysie Hoy
Music by: Michael Kamen
Production Sound Mixer: Nelson Stoll
Costume Designer: Yvonne Blake
Key Make Up Artist: Cindy Jane Williams
Key Hair Stylist: Frida S. Aradóttir
Special Make Up Designed/Created by: Masters FX, Inc.
Prosthetic Make Up Effects: Todd Masters
Special Effects Coordinator: Roy Arbogast
Visual Effects Producer/Supervisor: Ellen M. Somers
Painted World Visual Effects by: Mass Illusions, Alameda, California
Visual Effects: POP Film & POP Animation
Special Visual Effects and Digital Animation by: Digital Domain, Venice, California
Digital Visual Effects: CIS Hollywood
Models by: Cinema Production Services, Inc.
Production Designer: Eugenio Zanetti
Casting by: Heidi Levitt

Robin Williams (Chris Nielsen)
Cuba Gooding Jr (Albert)
Annabella Sciorra (Annie Nielsen)
Max von Sydow (The Tracker)
Jessica Brooks Grant (Marie Nielsen)
Josh Paddock (Ian Nielsen)
Rosalind Chao (Leona)
Lucinda Jenney (Mrs Jacobs)
Maggie McCarthy (Stacey Jacobs)
Wilma Bonet (Angie)
Matt Salinger (Reverend Hanley)
Carin Sprague (Best Friend Cindy)
June Lomena (woman in car accident)
Paul P. Card IV (paramedic)
Werner Herzog (face)
Clara Thomas (little girl at lake)
Benjamin Brock (little boy at lake)

Alternative Titles

Ako prichádzajú sny – Slovakia
Al di là dei sogni – Italy
Amor Além da Vida – Brazil
Aşkın Gücü(Turkish) – Turkey
Au-delà de nos rêves – Canada (French), France
Csodás álmok jönnek – Hungary
Drömmarnas värld – Sweden
Drømmenes verden – Norway
Hinter dem Horizont – Das Ende ist nur der Anfang – Germany
Hinter dem Horizont – Austria, Germany
Igavene armastus – Estonia
O iubire fara sfârsit – Romania
Ja ću budan sanjati – Croatia
Jak přicházejí sny – Czech Republic
Kur nuneša sapnai – Lithuania
Más allá de los sueños – Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Spain
Més enllà dels somnis – Spain (Catalan)
Między piekłem a niebem – Poland
Nơi Giấc Mơ Trở Thành – Vietnam
Para Além do Horizonte – Portugal
Taivaan tuolla puolen – Finland
Tha se vro ston Paradeiso – Greece
Zivljenje po zivljenju – Slovenia
Θα σε βρω στον παράδεισο – Greece
В какво се превръщат мечтите – Bulgaria
Куда приводят мечты – Kazakhstan, Russia
Куди приводять мрії – Ukraine
Шта све снови могу постати – Serbia
奇蹟の輝き – Japan
美夢成真 – Taiwan

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