What a Whopper (1961)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

A British comedy fantasy film directed by Gilbert Gunn.


A writer plans to write a book about the but no-one wants to publish it as no-one believes the monster exists. So the writer has to resort to extreme tactics and make a fake monster and pass it off as the real thing.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Gilbert Gunn
[©] Viscount Films MCMLXI [1961]
Executive Producers: Joe Vegoda, Michael Green
Produced by: Teddy Joseph
Production Manager: John F. Workman
Screenplay by: Terry Nation
Based on an idea by: Trevor Peacock and Jeremy Lloyd
Assistant Director: Bert Batt
Continuity: Penny Daniels
Director of Photography: Reginald Wyer
Camera Operator: James Bawdon
Editor: Bernard Gribble
Music by: Laurie Johnson
Adam Faith's Songs: “What a Whopper“, “The Time Has Come” composed by Johnny Worth, arranged by John Barry
Sound Recordists: Dudley Messenger, Bill Daniels
Dubbing Editor: Allan Sones
Make-up: Geoffrey Rodway
Hairdresser: Iris Tilley
Art Director: Lionel Couch
Made at Pinewood Studios, London and Loch Ness, Scotland
Casting: Betty White

Adam Faith (Tony [Blake])
Sidney James (Harry)
Carole Lesley (Charlie [Pinner])
Terence Longdon (Vernon)
Clive Dunn (Mr Slate)
Freddie Frinton (Gilbert Pinner)
Marie France (Marie)
Charles Hawtrey (Arnold)
Spike Milligan (tramp)
Wilfrid Brambell (postie)
Fabia Drake (Mrs Pinner)
Harold Berens (Sammy)
Ewan Roberts (Jimmy)
Archie Duncan (MacDonald)
Terry Scott (sergeant)
Anne Gilchrist (Grace)
Gordon Rollings (Doone)
Bernard Hunter (Legree)
Lloyd Reckord (Jojo)
Lance Percival (policeman at roundabout)
Molly Weir (teacher)
Fyffe Robertson (commentator)
J. Stevenson Lang (crofter)
Alistair Hunter (1st Scot)
Allan Casley (2nd Scot)
Frank Forsyth (3rd scot)
Graham Stuart, Eileen Gourley [lovers] *

Alternative Titles

Vesipeto valloillaan – Finland