Welcome Home, Brother Charles (1975)

35mm film, Metrocolor
mono, English
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An American horror film directed by Jamaa Fanaka.

Plot Summary

After being released from prison, small time drug dealer Charles goes looking for revenge. But his choice of weapon is, to say the least, unusual – his huge penis.


Directed by: Jamaa Fanaka
© 1975 by Jamaa-Fanaka
A Jamaa-Fanaka film A Bob-Bea Production
Production Executive: Robert L. Gordon, Sr.
Produced by: Jamaa Fanaka
Written by: Jamaa Fanaka
Director of Photography: James Babij
Camera: George Geddis & Charles Burnett
Assistant Camera: Ben Caldwell, Thomas Wright, David Silvan, Dan Warner
Gaffer: Terry Simms
Grips: Curtis Jenkins, Don Amis
Best Boy: Bob Godwin
Still Photography: Ben Caldwell
Edited by: Jamaa-Fanaka
Theme Music by: Jamaa-Fanaka
Music Composed and Produced by: William Anderson
Music Played by: Little Willie Peters Band
Music Engineer: Andy Weiss
Sound: Jack Wheaton, Glenn Dixon, Rodney Smith
Assistant Sound: Thomas Brown, Tom Penick, Ken Merritt, Fred Trujillo, Majied
Sound Mixer: Mike Moore
Costume Designer: Carmen Sanford
Wardrobe: Winifred Ushery
Make-Up: Celine Marie
Hair Stylist: Lynette Stansell
Set Designer: Bea Barnes
Set Decorator: Ruth Delahoussaye
Unit Publicist: Robert L. Gordon, Jr.
Advisors: John Boehm & Elyseo Taylor
Shot entirely in location in Compton, Watts and Bel Air, California
Special Thanks to: Juan Lara
Casting Directors: Joseph Anthony, Darryl Sanford

Marlo Monte (Charles)
Reatha Grey (Carmen)
Stan Kamber (Jim)
Tiffany Peters (Christina Freeman)
Ben Bigelow (Harry Freeman)
Jake Carter (N.D.)
Jackie Ziegler (Twyla)
Ed Sander (judge)
Teri Hayden (judge's wife)
Stephen Schenck (prosecutor)
Kamala James (prosecutor's wife)
Mordo Dana (physician)
Elizabeth McAlpine (Mrs Simpson)
Jack Gregory (psychiatrist)
Geraldine Marble (Charles' mother)
Jimmy Butler (Teto)
Al Minniefield (pimp)
Charles Brooks III (Peanuts)
Karla Henderson (bar maid)
Jim Dubowy (newsman)
Larry Jones (sportscaster)
Chris Lyon (war narrator)
Terry Simms (N.D.'s bodyguard)
Conrad Haywood (dice player)
Lynette Gordon (bar patron)
Carmen Sanford (doctor's receptionist)
Donald Pickens (Snooks), James King (fight spectators)
Sam Ingraffia (first cop)
Paul Pizarek (second cop)
Holiday Marble (dancer)
Handicappers (bar band)

Alternative Titles

Soul Vengeance – video title

Extracts included in
42nd Street Forever, Volume 1 (2005)


Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower p.517 – note