Weird Woman (1944)

63m 19s
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English
Reviewed at The

An American horror film directed by Reginald Le Borg.

Plot Summary

An American professor marries a South Seas islander her falls in love with while on a trip, unaware that the rest of her people believe her to be a powerful supernatural creature. Back in the States, strange things start to happen that alert him to the extent of his new wife's powers.


Directed by: Reginald Le Borg
Copyright MCMXLIV [1944] by Universal Pictures Company, Inc.
Universal presents an mystery by arrangement with Simon and Schuster, Inc. Publishers. A Universal picture
Producer: Ben Pivar [uncredited]
Associate Producer: Oliver Drake
Screen Play by: Brenda Weisberg
From the Novel [Conjure Wife] by: Fritz Leiber Jr
Adaptation by: W. Scott Darling
Assistant Director: William Tummel [uncredited]
Director of Photography: Virgil Miller
Film Editor: Milton Carruth
Musical Director: Paul Sawtell
Music: Paul Sawtell [uncredited], Charles Previn [uncredited], Hans J. Salter [uncredited], Frank Skinner [uncredited]
Director of Sound: Bernard B. Brown
Technician: William Hedgcock
Western Electric Recording
Gowns: Vera West
Special Photography by: John P. Fulton
Art Direction: John B. Goodman, Richard Riedel
Set Decorations: Russell A. Gausman, A.J. Gilmore

Lon Chaney (Professor Norman Reed)
Anne Gwynne (Paula Clayton Reed)
Evelyn Ankers (Ilona Carr)
Ralph Morgan (Professor Millard Sawtelle)
Elisabeth Risdon (Dean Grace Gunnison)
Lois Collier (Margret Mercer)
Elizabeth Russell (Evelyn Sawtelle)
Harry Hayden (Dean Septimus Carr)
Phil Brown [David Jennings – uncredited]
Kay Harding [student – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Dolda makter – Swedish title

Extracts included in
Coming Soon (1982).



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