Weird Night (1994)

UK, 17 December 1994
videotape, colour, 4:3
stereo, English

A British non-fiction television programme of genre interest.


A collection of short programmes about the paranormal and the strange, introduced by film director/producer Roger Corman.


BBC North
© BBC North MCMXCIV [1994]
Executive Producer: John Whiston
Producer: Paul Lee
Series Producer: Spencer Campbell
Production Managers: Lavinia Riachi, Kevin Utton
Editor: Bruce McKenna
Graphics: John Sharp, Excess
Researcher: Sophie Rolfe

Roger Corman (introduction)

The night included the following:
Weird Night [introduction]
The Fortean Review of the Year (1994)
Strange Days: Coincidences (1994)
The Last American Freakshow (1994)
Strange Days: Visions (1994)
W.S.H. (1994)
The X Files: Fire (1993)
Strange Days: Beasts (1994)
Weird Thoughts (1994)
Martin (1977) [film]
The Grandmother (1970) [film]
X (1963) [film]
Strange Holiday (1942) [film]
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958) [film]