We Want Our Mummy (1938)

35mm film, black and white
mono (Western Electic Mirrorphonic Recording), English

An American short comedy horror film directed by Del Lord.

Plot Summary

The Three Stooges are detectives hired to trace a missing Egyptologist who disappeared while looking for a mummy in Egypt.


* = uncredited

Director: Del Lord
Copyright MCMXXXVIII [1938] by Columbia Pictures Corporation of Calif, Ltd.
Columbia Pictures Corporation presents
Associate Producer: Jules White
Original Screen Play by: Elwood Ullman, Searle Kramer
Photography by: Allen G. Siegler
Film Editor: Charles Nelson

The Three Stooges
Curly [real name: Curly Howard]
Larry [real name: Larry Fine]
Moe [real name: Moe Howard]
Bud Jamison *
James C. Morton *
Dick Curtis *
Robert B. Williams *