Waxwork II: Lost in Time (1992)

35mm film, colour

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Anthony Hickox.

Plot Summary

Having survived the events of Waxwork (1988), Mark and Sarah find themselves on trial for the murder of Sarah's father, a crime actually committed by a disembodied hand. Looking for the hand, the couple end up at the home of Sir Wilfred where a device he's built allows them to leap through time and space to a parallel dimension where fictional characters from books and films are all too real.


Directed by: Anthony Hickox
Electric Pictures. An Anthony Hickox film
Executive Producer: Mario Sotela
Produced by: Nancy Paloian
Music Video Producers: Judy McCreary, Martin C. Jones
Written by: Anthony Hickox
Director of Photography: Gerry Lively
Editor: Christopher Cibelli
Original Score: Steve Schiff
Sound Mixer: Rick Wadell
Costume Designer: Mark Bridges
Hair & Makeup Supervisor: Rudy Sotomayor
Special Makeup and Effects by: Bob Keen
Special Effects Coordinator: Kevin McCarthy
Special Animated Effects: Lynda Weinman
Production Designer: Steve Hardie

Zach Galligan as Mark Loftmore
Monika Schnarre as Sarah Brightman
Martin Kemp as Baron Von Frankenstein
Bruce Campbell as John Loftmore
Michael Des Barres as George
Jim Metzler as Roger
Sophie Ward as Elenore
Marina Sirtis as Gloria
Billy Kane as Nigel
Joe Baker as the peasant
Juliet Mills as the defense lawyer
John Ireland as
Patrick Macnee as Sir Wilfred
David Carradine as the beggar
Alexander Godunov (Scarabis)
George “Buck” Flower (stepfather)
Jack Eiseman (cabbie)
Buckley Norris (judge)
Paul Hampton (prosecution)
Stanley Sheff (speaker for jury)
John O'Leary (Herr Vogel)
Elisha Shapiro (Felix)
Stefanos Miltsakakis (Frankenstein's monster)

Alternative Titles

Lost in Time
Scomparsi nel tempo – Italy
Space Shift: Waxwork II
Spaceshift – Germany
Waxwork II – Perdidos no Tempo – Brazil

Sequel to
Waxwork (1988)

Includes extracts from
Lobster Man from Mars (1989)

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