Watership Down (1978)

UK, 1978
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.66:1
Dolby System, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British animated fantasy film directed by Martin Rosen.

Plot Summary

When their warren is threatened with destruction at the hands of Man, a group of rabbits set off on a perilous journey to find a new home on Watership Down. Along the way, they befriend an eccentric seagull, Keehar, and learn some harsh lessons about the brutality of life outside the safety of the warren.


Directed by: Martin Rosen
© Watership Productions Limited MCMLXXVIII [1978]
Nepenthe Productions Limited presents. Produced by Nepenthe Productions Limited
Produced by: Martin Rosen
Written for the Screen by: Martin Rosen
Novel: Richard Adams [credited with possessory above title]
Animation Supervisor: Philip Duncan
Animation Director: Tony Guy
Senior Animators: Arthur Humberstone, George Jackson, Tony Guy, Philip Duncan
Senior Background Artists: Ian Henderson, Gary Sycamore, Sue Branch
Layout Artists: Gordon Harrison, Peter See, Ted Pettenbell
Camera: Tony Haines, Denis Hall, Bob Mintern, Barry Orsborn, Les Green, Alan Buchan, Ron Boston, Chris Williams, Moses Agyemang, David Smith, Julian Holdaway, Christopher Morgan
Edited by: Terry Rawlings
Music Composed and Arranged by: Angela Morley
Incidental Music by: Malcolm Williamson
“Bright Eyes” Composed by: Mike Batt, sung by Art Garfunkel
Dubbing Mixer: Bill Rowe

John Hurt (Hazel)
Richard Briers (Fiver)
Michael Graham-Cox (Bigwig)
John Bennett (Holly)
Ralph Richardson (Chief rabbit)
Simon Cadell (Blackberry)
Terence Rigby (Silver)
Roy Kinnear (Pipkin)
Richard O’Callaghan (Dandelion)
Denholm Elliott (Cowslip)
Lynn Farleigh (cat)
Mary Maddox (Clover)
Zero Mostel (Kehaar)
Harry Andrews (General Woundwort)
Hannah Gordon (Hyzenthlay)
Nigel Hawthorne (Campion)
Clifton Jones (Blackavar)
Derek Griffiths (Vervain)
Michael Hordern (Frith)
Joss Ackland (Black Rabbit)
Michelle Price (Lucy)

Alternative Titles

La collina dei conigli– Italian title
Den Langa flykten – Swedish title
Orejas largas – Spanish title
Ruohometsän kansa – Finnish title
Unten am Fluß – German title
Watership Down – Unten am Fluß – German title

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Production Notes

In the 7 July 1979 edition of Screen International a letter was published from K. McFall, the manager of the Playhouse Cinema in Peterhead, noting that a number of parents had complained to about the violence in the film. Mr McFall wondered why Superman (1978) had been awarded an A certificate while Watership Down, which he noted was “very violent and frightening” only got a U.



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