Water Power (1977)

USA, 1977
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Gerard Damiano.

Plot Summary

A psychopath is on the loose in New York forcibly administering enemas on his unsuspecting victims. His assaults become more violent as time goes on.


Director: Gerard Damiano
VCA Pictures
Producer: Gerard Damiano
Associate Producer: Ben Abrams
Unit Manager: Bobby Tweedy
Production Coordintor: Stadati
Script: Arthur Dietrich
Director of Photography: David Measles
Editor: Harry Hornbeck
Sound: Ravla Draguts
Costumes: Bette Arkin
Make Up: Brian Ardwin
Hair: Mr Bruce
Production Designer: Arlo Cone
Locations: New York City, New York, USA, Locations: Lokatum Inc

Jamie Gillis (Burt)
John Buco (Jack Gallagher)
C.J. Laing (Irene Murray)
Eric Edwards (the doctor)
Marlene Willoughby (Leslie)
Gloria Leonard
Valerie Morgenstern
Joan Beattie
Eleanor Barnes
Phil Morini
Lois Turkan
Barbara Belkin
Craig Esposito
Sharon Mitchell (Eve)
Sally O’Neil
Fred Keitel
Beverly Steig
Clea Carson (stewardess)

Alternative Titles

Enema Bandit – re-release title
The Enema Killer – re-release title


Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower p.516 – note