Wartime (1987)

UK, 1987
30m, 65m (1997 version)
videotape, colour
mono, stereo (1997 version), English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

A British fantasy film directed by Keith Barnfather. It was the first of the Doctor Who (1963-1989) related videos made by Keith Barnfather’s Reeltime Pictures and the only one produced and released while the original series was still on air. In 1997 an extended version was released which added a voice-only cameo from Nicholas Courtney Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart.

Plot Summary

Warrant Officer John Benton of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce is sent to deliver radioactive material to UNIT headquarters. But he starts having ghostly visions of his father, who was killed during the second world war and of his brother Chris who died in childhood.


Director: Keith Barnfather
Reeltime Pictures
Producer: Keith Barnfather
Assistant Producer: John Ainsworth
Script: Andy Lane, Helen Stirling
Characters: Derrick Sherwin
Assistant Director: Nicholas Briggs
Camera: Robin Lee
Stills: Robert Moubert
Editor: Edward Strickland
Aston: Warren Low
Music/Performed by: Mark Ayres
Sound: Ray Markes
Costumes: Berman and Nathans, Bolton Little Theatre
Special Effects: Picture Post Video; Fantasy Factory
Graphics: Kevin Davies, Tony Clarke
Production Assistants: Angela Collins, Steve Dunlop
Transport: Dynes
Weapons: Baptys
Locations: Lancashire, England, UK
Unit Manager: Richard Landen
With Thanks to: Cathleen Blower; Helen Nisbet; Swallowfield Hotel, Horwich; North West Water Authority; Lee & Partners
Stunts: Paul Flanagan

John Levene (Warrant Officer John Benton)
Michael Wisher (father)
Mary Greenhalgh (mother)
Paul Greenhalgh (Chris Benton)
Steven Stanley (Johnnie Benton)
Peter Noad (Private Willis)
Paul Flanagan (man)
Nicholas Briggs (soldier)
Nicholas Courtney (voice of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart [1997 version only])

Alternative Titles

War Time

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