Warlock (1989)

90m (Germany), 96m (Argentina), 103m – 35mm film, colour
Dolby, English

An American horror film directed by Steve Miner.

Plot Summary

A warlock escapes execution in 1691 Boston by transporting himself into the future. He arrives in the late 20th century pursued by a witch hunter and sets about tracking down the three parts of the Devil's Bible. If he finds it and learns the true name of God, he can un-create the world.


Director: Steve Miner
New World Pictures
Executive Producers: Arnold Kopelson; Roger Corman (1989 version); Brian Yuzna (1991 version)
Producer: Steve Miner
Associate Producer: Morgan Michael Fottrell
Script: D.T. Twohy
Director of Photography: David Eggby
Editor: David Finfer
Music: Jerry Goldsmith
Sound Mixer: James M. Tanenbaum
Costume Designer: Louise Frogley
Make-up: Pat Gerhardt
Hair: Leslie Ann Anderson
Special Make-up Effects: Peter Montagna
Visual Effects Supervisor: Robert Habros
Production Designer: Roy Forge Smith

Julian Sands (Warlock)
Lori Singer (Kassandra)
Richard E. Grant (Giles Redferne)
Mary Woronov (channeler)
Kevin O'Brien (Chas)
Richard Kuss (Mennonite)
Allan Miller (detective)
Anna Levine (pastor's wife)
David Carpenter (pastor)
Kay E. Kuter (proctor)
Ian Abercrombie, Kenneth Danziger (magistrates)
Art Smith (scribe)
Robert Breeze (jailor)
Frank Renzulli (cabbie)
Brandon Call (little boy)
Nancy Fox (boy's mother)
Harry Johnson (farmer)
Juli Burkhart (daughter-in-law)
Rob Paulsen (gas station attendant)
Peter Sherayko (cop)
Gyl Roland (ticket agent)
Meta King (flight attendant)
Bill Dunnam (railroad employee)
Wendy Feiner (passenger)

Alternative Titles

El brujo – Argentinian title
Czarnoksieznik – Polish title
Sortilégio – Portugese title
Warlock-Satans Sohn – West German title

Warlock: The Armageddon (1993)
Warlock III: The End of Innocence (1999)


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