Wandering Library (2014)

UK, 2014
digital video, colour, 1.85:1

A British animated fantasy film directed by Sarah Ismail. It was made as a graduation film for the Animation Production course at Arts University Bournemouth.

Plot Summary

A bullied young girl seeks refuge in the school library and discovers a secret world of sheep…


Directed by: Sarah Ismail
Arts University Bournemouth
Produced by: Alizée Musson
Scriptwriters: Emma Hamilton, Natasha Figgins
Story by: Sarah Ismail
Lead Animators: Sarah Ismail, Sonia Naqvi
Animation/Clean Up/Toon Boom Color Assistants: Abby Austin, Dan Collins, Ryongu Lee, Tommy Maier, Ali Guzzo, Sarah Moon, Adelaide Poulter, Jaime-Lee Reynolds, Sarah Hiorns, Anya Macaulay, Emily Simmons, George Habgood, Tamsin Parker
Technical Director: Sarah Ismail, Sonia Naqvi
Technical Assistant: Dan Collins
Layout Background and Design: Jess Robinson, Kate Fomina
Layout Background and Design Assistants: Abby Austin, Ali Guzzo
3D Modeller: Qing Yin
Model Maker [sic]: Alex Poulson, Becky Marsh, Marcus Johnson, Rachel Baines
Edited by: Marcus Parker Wood
Music Composed and Orchestrated by: Paul Wendlandt
Sound Design by: Claudio Santos
Special Effects: Walt Habgood
Illustrator (Book Design): Miranda Doveton
Special Thanks: Dr Thomas Walsh; Richard Smith; Paul Hilton; Peter Symons; Dr Paul Ward; Anne Terkelsen; Mark Groves; Allen Turner; and our friends and family

Jamie Lee Reynolds (bully 01)
Adelaide Poulter (bully 02)